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Amy Van Doran + Small Girls PR

Amy Van Doran set up her free love advice booth this past Thursday, June 20th, for a Small Girls PR event promoting Skinny Bitch In Love.


Mallory Blair and Bianca Caampued have been running Small Girls PR for almost two years, and have already racked up an impressive list of clients including Pinkberry, Simon & Schuster, Flavorpill and Google.  They specialize in social media strategy, event production, and marketing stunts.  Their Skinny Bitch In Love launch seemed like the embodiment of all things Small Girl–it was held in a chic Williamsburg loft filled with delicious vegan treats, stylish ladies, and of course copies of Kim Barnouin’s new book.  While the guests enjoyed canapes and a frost your own vegan cookie station, Amy spoke with many of the lovely ladies in attendance (and the odd gentleman) about their lives, loves, and how they could become the most fully realized versions of themselves.

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In a city of 8.4 million people, aren't you just looking to meet the one? Enter Amy Van Doran and her team of matchmakers extraordinaire. Outsource the search to the experts, and have them curate your experience. After all, a little elitism is okay when it comes to your love life.

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