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A Feminist Guide To Picking Up Men: Donate Now At Indiegogo!

Feminist Guide

Dear Friends,

I am so excited to announce a new project I’m working on with two of the baddest bitches I know!  I’m writing a book called A Feminist Guide To Picking Up Men with Arden Leigh and Madame Rosebud. Check out our pitch below:

Based on our understanding that necessarily inherent to feminism is the belief in giving women the widest range of possible options for their personal agency, A Feminist Guide To Picking Up Men is a seduction manual giving women tools and tactics to create the love and sex lives they desire. Without placing judgment on a woman’s goals for intimacy – whether monogamous or polyamorous, casual or committed – we the authors aim to provide methods of empowerment within a field that we know to carry great gender inequities. We believe in pursuing romantic self-actualization in ways that allow us to maintain our personal integrity, and in A Feminist Guide To Picking Up Men, we wish to teach women skill sets to create attraction by tapping into their own authentic versions of their seductress selves in order to create optimal happiness in their love lives.

I have spent literally thousands of hours coaching clients and researching romance, and can’t wait to share my thoughts with all of you!   And as you all know, writing takes lots of time, effort, and even more research.  Please donate to our Indiegogo campaign so that all three of us can give you the absolute best book possible!  You can reserve yourself an advance copy of the book, get access to exclusive events, and if you’re really feeling generous, get a fabulous one-on-one coaching session or weekend of Seduction Bootcamp.


Yours in romance,

Amy Van

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